Life Background

American Essentials

For more than a decade, the AMERICAN Essentials brand of recycled rubber flooring has been providing consumers with great looking, cost effective floors. Since 2009, we’ve salvaged more than two MILLION tires from American landfills to manufacture our products!

About Us

Every item from underlayments to finished floors are sourced and produced in America, utilizing post-consumer car tires as the foundational raw material component. This process has enabled us to keep over 1,000,000 tires from being buried in American landfills since our inception. Our initial entry into flooring saw our products being used primarily in home gyms and fitness centers.

Our continually expanding product portfolio finds our floors currently used residentially in playrooms, laundries, screened patios, kitchens, hallways, and even pool surrounds. Commercial applications include schools, hospitals, museums, running tracks, retail/grocery stores, aerobic studios and offices.

Environmental Calculator

We’re glad you stopped by to visit and if you’re considering one of our floors, we invite you to check out the “Environmental Calculator” to see how many tires YOU can salvage when using AMERICAN Essentials for your next project!

Tires Salvaged: